Automate your company’s document analysis and data-entry. Cut time and costs by up to 70%.

The easiest way to capture data​

Document processing is unavoidable for most companies. The process can be tough, rely heavily on manual workflows and limited by human capacity and speed. SmartDocumentor is an all-in-one data extraction solution that frees workers from the burden of analyzing and processing endless stacks of paper, PDFs, and images, greatly reducing manual labor and operational costs.


SmartDocumentor’s scans any document for data, regardless of format. Be it paper, a PDF file, or a variety of image formats, SmartDocumentor can capture data from any documents, even if they are hard to read or show signs of heavy physical damage.


Once scanned, SmartDocumentor prepares documents to meet high-quality reading standards and converts them to searchable PDF files. It’s powerful engine then uses AI & Machine Learning to extract the data your company needs. The process is fast, seamless, and doesn't require human input.


After everything is reviewed and confirmed to be compliant, data is automatically integrated in your company’s ERP or ECM system. SmartDocumentor supports the most used systems in the market, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage.


SmartDocumentor offers a long list of benefits to help your company optimize the time and effort allocated to document processing

Real-time processing

Documents are processed and integrated in your company’s system in real-time, save for validation rules you may choose to put in place.

Saves you time and money

SmartDocumentor’s fast engine reduces the time spent on document analysis and data entry by up to 70%. To the company, this means fewer people dedicated to manually entering data, and a lot of money saved.

Supports a wide range of documents

SmartDocumentor can extract data from any type of document, regardless of layout, language or format.

Highly accurate

Our engine is not only fast, but accurate as well, with a current data extraction accuracy of over 75% and improving. Try it for yourself by feeding it any receipt in our live demo.

Always improving

SmartDocumentor uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to achieve accurate results and is constantly improving itself with the corrections you make when validating documents.

Smooth integration

SmartDocumentor’s API supports most ERP and ECM systems in the market, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it in any of your company’s inbound and outbound processes.

Secure and compliant

SmartDocumentor’s cloud-based cognitive OCR platform abides by the highest security and compliance standards to ensure the privacy and safety of your company’s information.

Easily scalable

SmartDocumentor fits the needs and budget of companies of any size. Its family of products present additional OCR-based solutions that can be easily deployed.

Keeps your documents organized

SmartDocumentor gives you full control over your company’s documents and their workflow, preventing invoices from being paid without proper validation.



Tens of thousands of documents processed all over the globe use our SmartDocumentor suite on a daily basis and those numbers keep on growing. Here are our latest figures:




Pages per month





Discover the SmartDocumentor family

SmartDocumentor Invoices

The easy to use intelligent platform that captures data and uses AI & Machine Learning to process, review and integrate it into your company's ERP and/or ECM System. SmartDocumentor is easily scalable and customizable, fitting the needs of companies of any size.

SmartDocumentor Expenses

No more carrying paper on your wallet while traveling. Just open your phone's camera, point it at an expense, snap a picture and send it to SmartDocumentor. No apps required. SmartDocumentor does its magic, and employee reimbursement is a mere validation click away.

SmartDocumentor Accounting

Accountants can finally focus on the auditing and reporting aspect of their job, leaving the time-consuming task of scanning documents for amounts, VAT numbers and business names to SmartDocumentor's self-learning capture and classification capabilities.

SmartDocumentor SDK

Add SmartDocumentor's OCR capabilities to your organization or consumer app. Use them to instantly extract text, numbers or patterns, read ID cards, barcodes or processing images to increase your OCR

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