SmartDocumentor Expenses is the fastest and easiest way to process and reimburse employee business expenses.

SmartDocumentor Expenses takes away the trouble of dealing with stacks of paper and spreadsheets when processing and reimbursing business expenses. Thanks to its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine, SmartDocumentor Expenses classifies, processes and integrates invoices in your company’s ERP or ECM system, greatly reducing operational costs and cutting time spent on these dull tasks by up to 70%.


From Receipt to Reimbursement

Taking a Picture

Employees only need to point the camera at a receipt and snap a picture. Gone are the days of carrying paper around or clogging the company’s accounting department with expenses to review.

Sending It

Expenses are attached to an email and sent to your company’s pre-set address. Alternatively, the process can be completed through a PowerApp.


SmartDocumentor Expenses uses AI and Machine Learning to process receipts to instantly figure out their categories and values. Your company’s accounting services only need to validate them afterward with a few clicks.

Auditing Data

All your company’s financial services need to do is validate it and aprove expenses.

Automatic Integration

Expenses are integrated with instaled company ERP software.

Instant Reimbursement

Once the expenses are confirmed by your company, funds are transferred to your employees’ account to reimburse them.

Let your employees submit their expenses anytime, anywhere

Thanks to its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine, SmartDocumentor Expenses classifies, processes and integrates invoices in your company’s ERP or ECM system, reducing the time spent on these dull tasks by uap 70%. You don’t even need an app to use it – just the phone’s camera.

  • Drastically reduces operational costs
  • Accounting services can take more control of employee spending
  • Invoice processing time reduced by 70%
  • Very easy to use
  • Invoices can be submitted anytime, anywhere
  • No additional apps required – unless you want to use a PowerApp
  • No more worrying about carrying around or losing paper receipts
  • No more time wasted filling and analyzing spreadsheets
  • Immediate invoice processing
  • Integration with the company’s ERP or ECM system
  • Hasty employee reimbursement


Discover the SmartDocumentor family

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The easy to use intelligent platform that captures data and uses AI & Machine Learning to process, review and integrate it into your company's ERP and/or ECM System. SmartDocumentor is easily scalable and customizable, fitting the needs of companies of any size.

SmartDocumentor Expenses

No more carrying paper on your wallet while traveling. Just open your phone's camera, point it at an expense, snap a picture and send it to SmartDocumentor. No apps required. SmartDocumentor does its magic, and employee reimbursement is a mere validation click away.

SmartDocumentor Accounting

Accountants can finally focus on the auditing and reporting aspect of their job, leaving the time-consuming task of scanning documents for amounts, VAT numbers and business names to SmartDocumentor's self-learning capture and classification capabilities.

SmartDocumentor SDK

Add SmartDocumentor's OCR capabilities to your organization or consumer app. Use them to instantly extract text, numbers or patterns, read ID cards, barcodes or processing images to increase your OCR